Every once and a while I have those days where I just wonder – Am I making a difference? Is what I’m doing with the call and gifting of God on my life really making an impact? I think we all have these moments. We strive, we labor-driven by our cause within-but then there’s those silent moments when you just look back and think what have I really accomplished? The longer I live the more I realize that success has many forms! I may never be able to check off all the goals on my bucket list, I may never have the stories that make everyone stand in awe, I may never be as cool and eloquent as all of my heroes that I look up to but one thing I know it won’t be because I didn’t try! God has given me these days, these hours, these moments to make my mark on this earth -to make the gospel of Christ known everywhere I go and I intend to do just that! #goingoutwithmybootson #contemplating #myall