I wrote my very first song in 6th grade. It was birthed out of a pretty tough season of being bullied by mean girls at school. When I think about the lyric now it makes me laugh because it was so juvenile and immature but at the time it was a life saving melody that carried me through. One night as the tears spilled out of my 11 year old eyes I sat at the piano that until then had represented a dreaded place that I only visited when my mom made me practice my weekly lesson material. But that night was different…..I was desperate to be heard. My sorrow and the burden I carried had to be released so I reached and I touched heaven as I began to worship and without any warning heaven touched me. I would be a little embarrassed to share my first song today but it was the beginning of what has become a lifelong practice that carries me thru every season of life. If I’m facing an overwhelming impossibility or the world is heavier than my shoulders can bear there is one place you will find me…sitting at my piano in worship. It is my escape and every time I reach to touch heaven, heaven touches me. Wherever you find yourself today your worship will always bring God’s presence to that place!