There are moments in life that define us. Making a difficult decision, taking a stand or choosing the high road when it would be easier not to. These moments are the mysterious deciders of destiny that direct us on paths of purpose. We cannot fathom in these moments how crucial the correct choice is nor do we fully understand that the fate of our future is being decided and yet it is. These moments can be as subtle as deciding to help an elderly woman carry out her groceries or as weighty as choosing to remain in a marriage that has lost it’s glue. They are factors of fate that chart our course. Some steps require no thought or consideration – they are obvious and naturally taken with ease. Other times every fiber within wrestles with reason and a tug of war between the heart and the mind rages unseen. There are many that do not concern themselves with caution and live according to the fulfillment of pleasure and the gratification of desire but then there are those who carefully calculate and thoroughly consider that destiny is being weighed in the balances. After reminding them of all He had delivered them out of and carried them through God spoke to His people through Joshua and said, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” A choice. It was a choice that was required. Not some heroic effort in executing a dangerous task or some extravagant expression of gratitude, but a choice! Oh how our choices count. They matter! Consequences they contain, power they possess and providence they persuade. Good or bad we live with them. Choose wisely.